Cardio Cruiser Plus

Body By Jake’s All-In-One Cardio and Body Sculpting Machine

If you can sit in your easy chair, you can do this high intensity cardio and body sculpting workout program! Just using the Cardio Cruiser and the Rev-Up the Results Program, you can transform your body…lose inches…feel better…look great…in just a very short period of time! It’s an exercise program you can stick with…no gym memberships…just you and the Cardio Cruiser Plus!

The Non-Impact Cardio Workout

Body by Jake’s Cardio Cruiser Plus is an amazing new cardio and upper body exercise machine machine designed to quickly get you into your fat-burning ‘cruising zone’ to immediately begin burning calories and fat. While your lower body is burning calories, your upper body is also experiencing a fantastic, total body-toning workout

The Cardio Cruiser Plus has a revolutionary design that combines the powerful cardio and body sculpting movement of three of the most popular gym machines. You get the comfort of the recumbent bike, the upper body toning motion of the elliptical machine, and the lower body action of the stair mill… all in one supercharged calorie burning machine!

Order Your Cardio Cruiser Today And  Also Receive:

  • Maximum Overdrive workout DVD
  • Rev Up the Results Exercise Guide
  • Rev Up the Results Fuel Plan

Look At These Awesome Success Stories:

  • “I have lost 16 1/4 inches off my whole body and 19 percent of my total body fat…It’s totally changed my life!”—-Mandy
  • “I have lost a total of 17 and 3/4 inches off of my entire body…you’ve changed my body and you’ve changed my life.”—–Christal
  • Cardio Cruiser is non-impact and allows you to use both your arms and legs and gives you a great full body workout. I love it.”—–Carole, Physical Therapist

Add your story to theirs…Order Today…Now Just $199. (plus S&H)…Guaranteed Results or Your Money Back!

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