Hulk Hogan Grill

The Hulk Hogan Grill is truly the ultimate grill available! It is a grill, a skillet, a waffle iron, a panini sandwich press, and you can even use it to bake pizza or cookies! Other grills don’t cook the meat evenly, and clean up is a mess! Not to mention the fact that you can only use them for grilling. Hulk Hogan’s Ultimate Grill cooks meat perfectly every time. Its large grill plates allow you to cook up to 12 burgers at once! And when you are done, simply remove the plates and the self contained fat trapper, and place them in the dishwasher. Clean up has never been so easy!

The Hulk Hogan Grill comes with interchangeable plates. Use the skillet plates to make omlettes, pancakes, hash browns, and more. You can use the Ultimate Grill to make paninis, perfect grilled cheese sandwiches, and you can make waffles in just 4 minutes! You can even use Hogans Ultimate Grill to bake a pizza in only 10 minutes! Hulk Hogan’s Ultimate Grill is so versatile, you can use it to cook breakfast, lunch, and dinner like a pro in your own home!

The Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill has two huge cooking surfaces, each one controlled with its own temperature control from 210 to 425 degrees. These variable heat settings allow you to cook different foods at the same time without fear of burning one or undercooking the other. It comes with a dishwasher-safe, self contained fat trapper that makes cleanup easier than ever. The fat trapper also allows you to cook healthier meals, because the fat and grease drains away from the meat.

Whether you are grilling thin strips of meat, or a thick juicy steak, Hulk Hogan’s Ultimate Grill cooks it perfectly every time. The secret is the special hinge that adjusts to the thickness of the meat for evenly cooked meat with the flavor and juices locked in.

When you order your Ultimate Grill today, you will receive a special bonus Ultimate Grilling Guide, chock full of family favorite recipes with cooking times and tips. You will also receive a $200 coupon book with savings on many delicious gourmet foods that you can cook with your Ultimate Grill. The Hulk Hogan Grill also comes with a 30-day money back guarantee!

Open or closed, big or small, the Hulk Hogan Ultimate Grill does it all!